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Deep in the perilous canyon, a precious egg awaits for the adventurer brave enough to come and take it. 

Taking the egg is one thing. Coming back alive with it is another.**

Keyboard :

- AWSD /Arrows : Move.
- E : Interact, grab or throw item.
- X : Attack.
- Space : Jump. Hold for Jetpack.
- Controller is supported

The game :
- Your objective is to go to the bottom of the abyss and steal the egg, then get out.
- Your balloon's speed is affected by objects on it.
- You may use an anchor to stop your balloon. Interact with the winch to call it back.
- Bring back coins and gems to get a better score.

A game by  Thomas Olsson, Kiyomasa Sato, Justin Ma and Maxime Olsson.

Special thanks : Skeleton Crew Studio, Akane.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorsThomas Olsson, pullingour, JarMustard
Made withConstruct
TagsLudum Dare 48
LinksLudum Dare


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Randomly browsing through Ludum Dare games, I stumbled upon this masterpiece.

You blew my mind...

It took me a while to figure out that I could throw things up or put them gently down, but other than that it was just awesome.

Thought you should know that your game keeps making hearts race...

Hey there! Too kind. Thanks for the motivation fuel!

Just, beautiful, the music, the art the atmosphere. I really got into it once the egg was stolen. Love it.

Really good! I would change the controls a bit though, having your hand over X and E was a bit uncomfortable, (but it might just be me)

Yeah, for sure. They're weird and I got used to them and forgot to change...

here my run at the last moment i forgot i was tossing  away  the gems also from my ship to make it elevate faster 


cool game! great sound & artstyle. love how the anchor/rocks have multiple uses, either as weapons or to control your ship. stealing the egg is an awesome moment where the gameplay & atmosphere flip: the tension builds the whole way down then suddenly you don't need to hoard rocks anymore so you're just booting them all over the place to squish dudes

was able to play on mac using safari so thanks for the effort there too

This game was stunning, was it inspired by made in abbys?

Not particularly, but cool reference!

Really cool graphics and polished in general. The controls are a bit weird tho, throwing the anchor seems almost random and X to attack is a really weird choice of input. Also once I got the egg I could not get the balloon to go up, trying to figure out something on a time pressure is not that great. Really good looking game tho !

Hey there
Yeah, the controls were not really thought through I guess, what would you suggest?
I sorta like the having to leave on pressure :p but maybe you're right and it would be better to just evoke it without actually threatening the player? Like making the lava even slower when you're in that spot or something

Hey. I... didnt understand and gave up... I'm not sure what was your entent so I'm so not sure what to suggest. It might be more an issue with understanding what to do than the actual thing to do.

That plat twist at the scale of the level design was amazing!

Really cool. The race back up is tense!